Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm so sad rite now.I' had got all my trial papers' result. I'm not satisfied with these results at all.1A1,5A2,3B3,1B4,1C5.The results are like hell.I'm so disappointed to myself. I have a friend got straight A's for his trial with all A1 and only 1A2.Like OMG.=( I'm green eye to him. I had pulled my socks very very high for my trial but yet still got so lousy results. Want to die. Sad.

I'm under pressure now. The doomsday is just 30+ left. What am i doing here? Hate myself. Come to the front of the pc automatically.I wanna bang this computer into pieces. I wanna delete the pps. I wanna cut down the wireless line. Desperate.

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尉语wei yee said...

Calm down!!!It's only trial!!Try 2 get better redult in your real spm loh!!!as long as you didnt give up,miracle will happen!!!^^..
Anyway,jia you lah!!!And at the same time also, nt to giv too much pressure 2 yourself...moderate lah!!!