Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, this post is all about a Gym that is located in Sunway Pyramid. It's name CELEBRITY FITNESS. Pls remember the name of the gym. Yes must bear in mind of it as It's such a big huge superb disappointment.

Roughly describe what it has. Of course it has all the gym facilities, dry and wet sauna room, yoga classes and various type of dancing classes. What captivated me the most is it's dancing classes and yoga actually.

For the aim of boosting it's earning, it always has a package of 1 week trial. It's mean that anyone can go there for a week trial without paying and signing up so that you can try out first. It's just as simple as a tester logic in any cosmetic products or skincare products shops. It's fee per month is always making people cringe which is RM139 per month. Opps it's just risen a little bit since last months so now is RM145 for unlimited time per. On top of that, you ought to, you have to, you need to and you must sign up for a year contract. Which means, you can't act like '' I feel like going to gym this month" and then you just simply sign up only for this month. No, you can't. It's just like a short term liability, you need to pay for RM145 each months last for a year, even though u just attend gym only 1 day in that month. Of course if you're a student and having a holiday and going back hometown, you can be exempted from that month of holiday fee simply by showing your official school letter.

I never think of signing up the gym even for 1s due to it's exhorbitant fee. My eyes only wide open and blinking with the TRIAL =). So as I just finished my trial exam last week so I feel like going to hv a week trial to release tension or just for fun or just for an experience. So I went there yesterday to ask for a week trial.

I stepped in the fitness centre and told the receptionist to have a week trial, then I was asked to sit and wait at the sofa. I always thought I just need to fill up a form provide some necessary personal details. However, here it came a malay guy which name "AN" to serve me by asking me a list of no ending questions. From personal information such as name age school to a series of what how why questions.

Him: " Can you tell me why do u want to join celebrity fitness?"
Me: " To release stress as i think i'm quite under pressure with my study."
Him: " What course are you studying and do you need have your parents' permission?"
Me: " A-lvl and I dont need my parents permission as they are too busy with their own business."
Him: " Haha ic. So can you tell me what issue of this celebrity fitness attracted you to join?
Me: " I'm particular fond with the classes here and that's all."
Him: " Where are you studying and staying at where?"
Me: " Sunway and Sunway hostel."
Me: " Yes of course! just as simple as passing thro' canopy walk. 5mins walk."

Blah blah blah of questioning which are nonsense.

Finally he brought me to have a tour in the gym and show me the way and show what's the room for this and that. However, I just want to get an exercise AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I interrupted the touring session in the half way by saying politely that I knew all that as I visit to here once before with my friends. Ok, I thought I could have a free trial edy but however it turn out to be another way as he asked me to sit at the same place again and continue the questioning session again. FML

He explained to me the fee and the one year contract. Actually I was not interested at all as I really dont hv any intention to sign up. but what can i do was listen to what he said la. So as to prevent him to discover I just wanted a week free trial then disappeared without saying goodbye, I hv to act like quite interested so I asked a question.
Me: " My course end in this year end, after that I might most probably fly to oversea, so how if i just sign up for half year contract?"
Him: " Actually the reason for us to insist to have a year contract is because gym training needs 1 year to see the effect. 1 or 2 month won't have any effect, 6 months will only just started and 1 year is the perfect period to see effect of the gym training." ( Crap. Just say you want to earn guaranteed money by this way la)
Me:" Which means It's impossible for me to sign only half year contract? So what can I do end of next year as I will be not longer here?"
Him: " Are you sure that you will go to oversea? Where are you going anyway?"
Me: " Not sure. but most probably as my 2 sisters are in UK. So what can I do?"
Him: " Then you have 3 options. 1st, you must pay RM400 to terminate your contract. 2nd, find another person to take over your contract or 3rd, you can just let your contract outstanding until when you come back you continue."
Me:" ok. But i need to consider first."
Him:" Alright. So if you sign up, you need to pay for registration fee of RM185 and deposits of 1+1 which is RM290."
Me:" Huh? Omg then total for 400+?"
Him:" Yes. but now there is a promotion until this Wednesday. If you sign up today, tomorrow or Wednesday, you can have a reduction of the registration fee from RM185 to RM 18."
Me:" Wow (just acting), it's reduce so much. Alright but i want to have a trial first."

The following conversation is the most nasty trick.
Him:" You don't wanna sign up today?"
Me:" No I want to have a trial first can't I?"
(WTH Isn't the trial is introduced to let us really have a try first? I was so fed up that I wanted to just stand up and just walk out)
Me:" Why can't I?? I need to have a try out of the facilities so that i can make sure i can adapt to the environment here. Besides, my course schedule is quite hectic so I need to try for a week to make sure I can really check out how long I can spend in the gym. If I find out I can't manage to spend time at here, what's for i signing up? This isn't cheap anyway."
Him:" Ok, then 2 days is enough for you to try out right? So do i meet you on wednesday? Or Can i confirm with you whether you are interested to sign up by calling you on this wednesday? What time will you be free?
Me:" ( F**k) Dont worry i will come here after my class on this wednesday at about five."
Him:" Ok so I see you again here on wednesday. Enjoy your trial."

This shitting questioning session consumed my previous 1 hour of my life.
And my original exciting mood was all gone into frus when I know i have to pick up his call on the wednesday. ok Whatever random number that appeared on my phone screen I will just ignore on this wednesday. And my original plan to have an enjoyable trial gym is spoilt.

What I want to say is, I hate those company which pretend generously on the appearance but the fact is soooo selfish that is nauseated. You introduced the marketing plan of a week trial then of course you alr considered the fact that there will be people only appeared be4 the trial week and do not sign up. Since you introduced the plan, you must and you need to take the risk that the plan given. What the most important is you still can earn in the end. I don't believe that the amount of signed up members cannot cover the people of just having a trial since each member contributes RM145 each month.

If you don't afford to take the risk, don't introduce the trial plan la!! Or if you only can bear a trial for 3 days, then just give 3 Days enough la!! Why do you want to act generously?! This ends up chucking out the customers away instead of increasing the number of customers. This is just the same as, you entered a skincare products shop, there is a tester for every products. You, as a customer, use the tester, but there is a salesgirl staring at you and seems very upset as you keep using every kind of tester. Will you be staying any longer to try and buy?

On top of that, why must one year? Why can't half year? Don't they consider be4 there is students taking short term courses so how if they really wanted to join??

Well, I saw a lot of muscle guys in the gym today and some of them are good-looking one. However, like many ppl said, I think the handsome are usually Gay. Too bad though.
I ran for 2.5 km on the machine belt and staying in the steam room for 15 mins for which I almost suffocated inside.
I'm very satisfy with that and at least I went to gym be4 and know how does gym looks like.
I wont go there anymore as I really afraid of the guy to pester me and force me to sign up.
Sad but alright, I hv gym experience at least.

Lastly, I kindly advice those who are interested to join Celebrity Fitness. Think well cos it will affect your financial for a year. It's actually hiding a monster behind it.

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