Thursday, July 21, 2011

Up and Down

Feeling gratified is when something you have yearned for has finally coming to a perfect end.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 had impressed me so much that when all the secrets revealed and every up and down of the movie had brought me into the scene deeply. I was so touched that tears welled up my eyes following the end of the scene. I thought It will be a sad ending as no other ways to stop the story other than HP died, but yet it turned out to be a very typical happy ending =)

I was talking like I'm one of the HP fans but in fact, I didn't trait every episodes of the movie and ever watch it in cinemas except this last one part 2 episode. My memories was only stayed at the HP4 and the Goblet of Fire on 2005. Since I was small, I didn't comprehend much of the storylines and only mostly enjoying the effect and the wondrous of the movie. Because of this, I used up 2 weeks time to watched all the previous episodes again through laptop whenever I got the in my hostel . And when I finishing off episodes 7 part 1, it was already last Friday, which is just the day before I was going to watch it in the cinema. Therefore, when many people said that they had forgotten the storyline and where it stopped, I'm the one who still remember vividly the every scenes of part 1 =)

Do u realise, the elder are they, the lesser smile they possess?

As you know that, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is the primary setting of the movie. The super big Great Hall with superb Long dining table with superb Lots floating candles with super lots of Dishes such as grilled turkeys, cakes, chocolates, cookies, sweets titbits and blah blah blah..... AWWW that is the scene I fancy the most! Frankly every shoots of the scene I was first fascinated by all the mouth-watering foods on the tables instead of what they 3 acting and talking about then after that only rewind back to watch what are they actually acting about. LOL. Well The school was soo wonderful isn't it? It was sooo amazing that last time I thought the place is one of the computer effect scene. But hey, It's actually such a place, it's OXFORD UNIVERSITY. That's why I used to dream that I could go into Oxford Uni and I used to study really really really hard to realise my dream. But haiz, queue up will also not reach my turn as it's top 2 ranking school after Cambridge. But nevermind, I'm going to UK still and I can visit it then =) Can't WAITT!! XD Well not forget to thank to JK ROWLING to bring all of us such a marvellous story.
The library

Great Hall

Real life Great Hall in Oxford University

The Oxford University

After the movie, we including Kristin, Boon Song, Angel, Voon Chen, Yong Wei Wu xian went to have a steamboat+BBQ buffet dinner at somewhere nearby Pahlawan. The food was just ordinary but the most important was the merry atmosphere when all of us surrounding a round table putting all the materials into the steamboat, grilling meats, talking and laughing.

After that, we headed to the Jetty K box to pass our day. Of course, when there is Angel, everyone will be ears up to listen. Want to be amazed? Don't need a long story, here's a very short clip can impress u for sure XD

One of my dearest housemates, Wei Shun is going to move out to start her working life as she had graduated. She is one of the ppl that had made me learned a lot from her life experience. She is a really a tough girl and she sets a very high goal for everything she does. That's why she successes to grab a work easier than most of the other fresh graduates. Don't think that's very easy to find a job as nowadays you're competiting with all other 70k fresh graduaters who still fail to find a job. Congratulations to her. 2 days ago, other 3 housemates and me celebrated a farewell party to her. We were actually going for a Japanese food Sushi Zanmai but how unfortunately Sushi Zanmai is closed for upgrading! URGH no choice we went to Redbox to have a buffet dinner and K session. We had really our great time there. Well, I'm now not afraid of no fans now cos they had promised to buy my album if I become a singer on day. HAHA
Undoubtedly, I do not much enjoy my study life now. A2 is really torturing me cause Everything become soo tough. Not only tough, but yet it sooo much. 4 law tutorials coming together like flooding. Totally like I'm already a Law student but pls, I'm only an ordinary college student and I need to take care of my other 2 subjects also! REVISION?!?! ABSOLUTELY NO TIME AT ALL!! So my last sem Contract law just get ready to jump sea =(=( Again I feel suffocating due to all the studies.That's why I'm so emotional recently and tend to feel like crying. Insomnia, Again. Past week, almost everyday, I can see the first glimmer of the dawn and slowly sunlight strike into my room through window. Because of insomnia, my mood swung to the max. Got frus soo easily. Luckily I had Harry Potter movie series to accompany me whenever I like breaking down.

Thank God that I able to go back home every weekend. Although I can throw away all my books just for a while, but it's better than no. Despite my kiasu habit always reminds me that all my friends in Sunway are doing works and doing revision at the moment I enjoying my time, and despite that my consciousness always reproach myself that I'm already lacking of time and yet I still indulging myself so much. Can't fall asleep will never be a problem at all for me at home. I can sleep until I forget myself. Always wondering why I can't do the same in Sunway here.
Ok finally finish off a post of the week! Bye and Take care ;)

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