Friday, December 30, 2011

The last post for 2011.

I almost can't believe that it's the end of the year 2011. Yes it's the end. It seems like it was just yesterday I was at the A Formosa with a flock of good friends counting down for 2011, amazed with the kaleidoscopic colorful fireworks, greeting 2011 to each other and sigh for our one age elder yet anticipating a better year ahead. This few days, ppl around me keep asking, and even myself, what's your plan for 31st Dec? Seem like everyone doesn't have any idea to do what in the new year eve? Or just trying hard to escape from the fact that we gonna celebrate new year eve in A' Farmosa AGAIN?? Well at least myself do T___T Watever la, better than not isn't it?

Frankly, I was so frustrating with my further studies this few days. Mention about this, a wise lesson for me in 2011 "DON'T HESITATE OR PROCRASTINATE TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP THAT YOU HAVE DECIDED, AS THERE'S NOT ALWAYS AN IDEAL ROAD OPENS WIDE FOR YOU."  I've been so sorry for that, did numerous thing to make up the loss, pray hard for what I did is effective everyday, but yet end up with an intangible solution. In short, for what I said last time I'll be going to Taylor's Uni, it may be not the case now. Few weeks later, I maybe a Help's Uni student instead of Taylor's. There is actually another way, but I just forget about that way cos I don't want to wait for 10 months long doing nothing like an idler. What all I'm doing now is to, go to UK as soon as next year Sept. 

I just been to Help Uni to register myself for a back up plan and I 've been asked to have some mental preparation for the school as the environment there is not that satisfying. I visited the school compound. How to say? It's quite unlike an uni, the school buildings are just similar to other office buildings surrounding to them. They school buildings are strewn here and there one, which means a office building which looks just similar one can be just located between 2 school blocks. No shophouses at the surrounding so can only eat at the cafeteria provided in the school building or office building. Residential area is not in the vicinity but only hear to the main office department building, so have to squeeze the school bus everyday to go to class. There is also only few countable restaurants or stalls to be chosen. In short, It's  inconvenient to study there without a car. No offence for any Help's student, as I may gonna be one of them also >.< Of course I hopefully I'm not larrr... Seriously hope It will be fine soon, to study in Taylor!

Put those at the other side, I've visited to Melaka to catch up movies. Mission Impossible is awesome. I was amazed from the beginning to the end. And watch this exclusive making of the movie in Dubai world highest building, Burj Khalifa. It was Tom Cruise himself hanging, walking and jumping outside the building which is more than 100 floors for real! It's kinda shock outta me cos I thought that it was a stuntman to act in such a dangerous scene. I think almost all girls will be fall in love with Tom Cruise after watching this movie. He's so handsome and MAN weh~~~~ woots!

 Look at 0.52s. FUH!! U dare to jump out and walk outside the building??!! I think only a few actor manage to do that  and he's one of them. Thumbs up for him even if you don't like him ok? =)  I bet almost all girls will be fall in love with Tom Cruise after watching this movie. He's so handsome and MAN weh~~~~ woots! But for frank, my sis almost broke my dream of him when she told me Tom Cruise is actually only 172cm. I 've checked thro the website and found it's true =.= But whatever la. YENG DAO beats it all totally! HAHAHA

Then I manage to buy a skirt and a slipper in The Brands Outlet and again we snapped shot some photos in front of   the big mirror haha! And then we had satay celup in Ong Kim Wee for our dinner. We ate a lot and it only cost less than 10 bucks for each of us =)

Then yesterday I went to Melaka for a movie again, with Kristin and Angel for another movie. We wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks at first but ended up watching The Darkest Hour as the movie just start showing on the day itself and trailer looks enthralling. However, it was kinda interesting at the beginning but slowly it was boring gradually and ends up quite blur lol. Quite disappointed with the movie =(

We lounged around D.P after that without buying anything. Didn't know why we didn't have the mood to shop lol. Seem as there is no other nice food in melaka we took Amigo as our dinner again. =.= Then we decided to head to an outdoor cafe which was situated just behind The Jetty K-box. The seawind was breezing softly, English's Love songs were playing easily, soft yellow light around the place plus the seaview making the place soo romantic. We enjoyed ourselves there by snapping photos non-stop XDXD

Ok, that's all i want to blog about! HAPPY 2012 everyone! =)

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