Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Hours of Fun @ Hunger No More

4.8.2012 to 5.82012 can be one of my most enrichment days in my life. 
Indeed, I spent my whole 2 days away from home to participate in Famine 30 Hours in Help Uni and Law Ball 2012 in Empire Gallery Hotel. 
I did not mention about any of my journeys to my parents until the last night before 4th August when they saw me busy packing my belonging. 
My dad asked me where am I going then I answered him Famine 30 Hours, what is that where is it  and when and why there is such event. 
He then said why there is such funny event as to be starving for 30 hours. 
And the most importantly he said 
"Sally, you're already so THIN why still joining such organisation??"
The face I made after receiving such compliments.
There were 40+ ppls going and only 6 of us from the same age. 
Me, Mary, Swet Jean, Xiong Ling, Kai Lun, Wei Lun.
We departed from Chung Hua primary school at 6.00am in the morning.
It fell asleep in the moving bus as I slept so late the night be4. At 1.30am.
We stayed at McD for our last meal before the famine. 
I took a McMuffin with egg and a hot coffee
 I felt like taking another burger so that I could stay full for longer but Jean stopped me by saying that it would be much torturing when I get hungry.

I have forgotten what time we reached Help Uni but what I saw was that there was already full of campers by the time we arrived in the Uni Foyer to register. 
It was approximately 500 campers there.
The Famine 30 shirt of the year was my favourite sea blue color. 

 Following the opening ceremony, speech giving, committees introducing, and a series of humorous interaction of both Mcs, then it was the time for station games.
 This was our first station game and I still could have smiled and posed when the calamity arriving.
6 of us in the group were arranged to duckwalk from one point to another to pass a message that we found. 
 It sounds easy but all of us got legs so painful and my whole legs were half-handicapped ever since then till now I blogging.  
To describe how painful it was, it was like your legs cramp all the time.
So all of us could hardly bent our legs.
I couldn't walk fast, couldn't go down stairs and it was like a disaster everytime I go to toilet.

One of the station games was to build a house with mimina amount of paper boxes with the requirements 2 windows, roof and a door. 

It was at first commanded us to build a house which could fit 2 ppls inside! 
Luckily the committee knew how impossible to make that out and besides door and windows,
we also build a chimney and a car park at the back! haha

We did not feel hungry even if we used up so much energy by playing games but of course we feel thirsty and we are allowed to drink plain water for the 30 hours famine.
And without much resting after the station game, we started another survival indoor games.
We allocated among ourselves in 6 people to be the characters of father, mother, 2 children, a cow and a chicken with different tasks aiming to earn points as to survive ourselves. 
Another exhausting games and I felt it was a indeed a good way to distract us from hunger!
 Despite I felt like smashing this advertisemnet board everytime I passed by it.

Then it was mini concert for 3 hours. 
 There were many talented singers and band groups performing.
I was so delighted to see one of my hometown besties Angel Phang was also performing!

We were allowed to sleep at 11.30pm but I officially slept at 1am cos of lining up for toilet, packaging and all that stuff. 
Worth to mention is that the Famine 30 Hours camp was my 1st time to have an aircond room to sleep. 
But it wasn't one to be happy of, as they set the temperature to so low that all us feel so unbearable as what we had were only a sleeping bag. 
The reason they set a low temperature was to compel us to experience the feeling of both hunger and coldness like the African ppls experiencing every night.
Hence we could only slept for only 4 hours and eventually woke up at 5am due to the coldness even though the assemble was at 6.30am.
After the morning exercise, we packed our luggage preparing to head to Stadium Melawati for the famine 30 Hours Countdown, the most exciting part of all.
We took a lot of pictures before leaving and on the way to the Stadium.

 I thought it was an outdoor stadium but it turned out to be another way round. 
And I was so amazed with the huge amount of people!

There were over 19,000 people in the stadium! 
Just imagine the crowd and the sound wave of that amount of people in an indoor stadium!
 The 5 hours of countdown, of course comprising with a lot of local know or unknown singers.
And many of them always asked us to stand up to interact with the music. 
It was a moan for us actually, for us who had ache in the legs to keep stand up sit down stand up sit down so finally some of us just gave up doing that and even I saw many people falling asleep amid of the boom boom shake shake music!

Keep waiting for the most powerful singer, Lee Hom, the ambassador of the World Vision.
My fren, Jean said he would attend for the last 30 mins but I said this would be impossible. 
I told her 15 mins or even 10 mins would be the longest he would be stayed for.
Expectedly, he finally arrived at 4.48pm when I looked into my phone clock!
Everyone in the stadium were like gone crazy and uncontrolled when he appeared and his ABC voice spread! 
Well, he was interviewed by the Mcs longer than he sang cos he only sang for one song
He said he flew all the way from Taiwan for 4 hours just for the only song and flew back for his work again.
 Felt so grateful for his purposely arriving despite the so little time of appearing.
He counting down the last 10 seconds with us after his singing!

Lastly the video of LEE HOM!

    allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="245">

Indeed, this must be one of the most significant event in my life.
Saying the most obvious one, I will always thought the life of the people and children in another side of the world before wasting anything that comes to me.
Never take things as granted and cherish everything I have.
Think of the people in the African or the poor people before complain for any inadequacy.
Feel really grateful for my parents who had give me so much.
Without them I'm just nothing.  
To be honest, I had already the thought of adopting a child since 2 years ago when I was first in touch with this issue during A-Level.
But then, I have the heart but I did not have the power since my monthly allowance that my dad gave me was quite barely to survive myself.
Despite, i will try y best to control my expenses from now on and I hope that i can adopt a child soon.
You guys pls do consider about adopting a child if you are affordable!
I believe it will make your life much significant! =)

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