Thursday, July 16, 2009

me vs teacher

Just in a week,
I had been scolded,been maligned, been punished and even been lashed!
I think i had a great animosity with the teachers in my prelife!

9/7/09 Thursday
When PJ period, no one of the girls in my class was going to the next class.
Hey,just a PJ class only k?
And my class now was in full blast.
I still remember I was poking into my friend who was answering online quiz.
then suddenly my PJ teacher dashed into my class
and like a shrew that slanging us.
"Mengapa ni budak perempuan semua tak pergi ke sebelah?Buat ape semua ni?"
Class broke into silent.
"Pergi ke sebelah SEKARANG!"
Many of us quickly packed our things and scurried into next class.
I know we would be scoldded like an idiot when went into it.
And not unexpected, when i went into the class ,
all of us stood firm in front of the class.
"Apa perangai kamu semua ni?"
"Ingat PJ kelas ini ape?"

"Dah berapa kali tak masuk kelas?"

Bell rang
"Diri di sini, jangan balik kelas, diri sampai cikgu datang! Kamu semua tengok, jangan bagi mereka balik kelas! "
Then she went out with great incensed.
I almost was going to back to class, but we realised that the teacher didnt take along her handbag, so she must be come back soon to take it.
She must be hiding somewhere else to check us whether we will go back to class.
Becoz of that, most of us not dare to go back.
However, there were some girls dare enough to go back too.
But I.....erggg....did not
luckily,the next teacher come in early enough and we can go back very soon.
Haiz... This is just begin.Baru sahaja pendahuluan.

10/7/09 Friday
No class day,no teacher day.
But why i still so good that i go to school?
haiz... coz got job to do

Somemore, this is the most hatred day in my school life.
Coz i'hv been maligned and critised by a bear teacher!
Last period,English class.
Coz of girl's natural problem, my friend Shu Hui and I decided to go to toilet to solve it.
We admit that we went to toilet for quite a precious time,
we did really do something important ok?
we admit that we had took a little much time enjoying the wind blow at the outside of the toilet.
But we really don't think that we do wrong coz the bear was not teaching wad.
Is normal k?

The second when we stepped into the class,
the bear growled,
"Next time if you want to see teacher,just tell me, i will allow you, don't bluff that you want to go to toilet."
I got shocked when I heard this and after i looking at my friend and murmuring, "want to explain to him?"
She shaked her head and said, "no need,he wont hear ."
Yea, definitely.
However, I lost my cool at that moment
But i can't tell him about what we did coz this what the girl's natural call.
"Sir, we did really go to toilet"
"We really come back from the toilet!"
" No...."
What the.........|+_)(*&^%$#@!~}{"<>?:
Just keep on saying NO that to show what he say is definitely right and we are totally wrong!
I was so mad at that time almost rushed to him and smashed him and kicked him and like a gangster and said
But of course i m not dare... if not i wont be in the school now.
Wad we dared enough to do is....



too angry i wrotw wrongly lo..

this is Shu HuiThis is me!!!

Although it is very childish, but i dun hv any other way to express my anger...

15/7/09 Wednesday

Morning: Punished by relief teacher without provocation.
Reason: Class is dirty.
Punishment: Clean the class, no resest and WHOLE class squat for 20 times.

Afternoon: Punished by SIVIK teacher.
Reason : My group didnt prepare for the presentation for the nonsence tittle.
Presentation theme: RUKUN NEGARA
Presentation tittle: Bagaimanakah kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara menjamin keharmonian negara?
Why didnt prepare: I forgot to bring the note we had discussed,
Emmanuel forgot to bring mahjong paper.
All the group member forgot about that assignment.
Punishment: Squat 30 times. thigh are sore now from the 50 times squat yesterday.

Today 16/5/09 Thursday
Subject: Sejarah
Reason: Did not finish the exercises paper.
Punishment: 2 great lashed on my palm.
*Not only me. ALmost whole class been lashed.
Why didnt do: Thought the teacher will discuss with us and will not check as she never punished us be4.

Hope here is the end and no more continue.
Story about me vs teacher.

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