Sunday, June 27, 2010


I never think I can get it !
I was shocked when I see this in this morning after I woke up!
can you see that can you see that??!!
How lucky am I~~~
Well I have something to say.
herk herm.
First of all,
I want to thank my mum and my dad because without their money to buy this magazine and stamp I won't get this prize. Thanks to my sister, my brother, my cousins, my relatives and all of my friends that they support me all the way joining this contest. Thanks to my grandmother, grandfather, my ancestors because I won't be here to waltzed off this prize if without them. Also thanks to the postman too for sending my contest form safely to the destination. And of course thanks to the director of the Ifeel who gave me this chance to win this prize......(So touched and tears welled up my eyes....) Last but not least, Thanks to my dearest doggie Lucky who really gives me luck although I rarely bother him, bring him out and feed him. I promise I'll pull up my socks harder and join the ifeel magazine contest more frequently and win more prizes so I don't let you all down.

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