Saturday, March 12, 2011

We are soo weak.

What would cross your mind if you realized your surrounding is shaking sooo vigorously?
And what would you react with if you realized that the world is actually moving?
Shock? Scream? Cry? Pack? Run? Hide?

Everything began to fall down and broke into pieces, lights went out, windows splited into pieces, cupboards collapsed, then there was a strange, eerie cracking sound that emitted from the walls and doors that were swaying from side to side, dust was flying everywhere and it seemed to be shaking to infinity. And sarcastically, run away couldn't save, cos everywhere were just all the same.

Eventually it stopped. You thought OMG FINALLY!! But just before you could stay clear for what had happened a few seconds or few minutes ago, or barely have a deep breath for a sign of relief that you and your family were still safe, you heard a loud "BOOOM!" in the distance. The sky turned bright orange, soon all the blue sky completely block by the smoke. Apparently you noticed something had blown up, and it was the oil refinery.

Thought of this is it, the end. But the aftershock gave no reprieve. Then came the another even MORE OVERWHELMING AFTERSHOCK, Tsunami. A black sea of sludge and mud carrying wooden planks, trees, houses and cars oozed inland over after the earthquake jolted. Houses, cars and even aeroplanes were drifting and floating on top of the sea like toys. Millions of property had been swept away just like that, in a wink of eyes.

Forget about all the assets that were just carrying monetary value. More than 900 were killed and about 700 others were missing Japanese,public broadcaster NHK reported. The number is expected to go up as rescuers reach more hard-hit areas. Imagine you are now studying or working in the Capital City Tokyo, by now you still couldn't contact up your family members who are staying at the affected are Sendai, and they were not in the list of sacrificed victims. What's your feeling will be? I can't imagine if I was the one but there was a girl studying in Tokyo posted in Twitter thro phone " I'm so worried of my grandmum who is staying in Sendai and she is lost." It send chill up to my spine when CNN reported this.

There are some people who are celebrating over this heart wrenching incident instead of showing condolences. They are most probably still bearing the grudges of the World War 2 that how Japanese army treated Chinese. This is such an utterly childish acting makes me totally look down on them. Please think twice before you acting like this. What we use, having and appreciating now, most of them are in the relation of Japan. Unless you are not using Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sony, computer software, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Yamaha, japan cosmetics & Clothing $ accecories, Sushi, Sashimi, Udon noodle etc etc etc..........

On top of that, I'm so impressed with Japanese moral ethics, and their effective reaction towards the natural disaster. Perhaps this is why the number of people died in such this tremor incident can be still considered as very low. Yes it's true if you compare this incident to the one happened on Boxing Day 2004. Tokyo, Japan's capital city as we know there is more than millions population was affected. All the public transportation turned down. Uncountable office workers couldn't go back to home. I thought it would be in chaos. Unexpectedly, they tend to be so calm. They waited in the stations, at the road, gathered without making any complaint. The most IMPRESSIVE one is, they still could queue up in several lines and waited patiently behind the borderline in the station. Besides that, they would nvr fight the food and drinks when provided, but will pass the things slowly, one to one, till the last people at behind. Mens are sooo gentleman and sporting in the way they help the ladies and women and child. The buses only delayed for about 1 hour because of the tsunami and again queue up for the arrangemant by the authority. The government without any delayed announcing that the food and drinks in the supermakets, 711 and automatic can machine in the affected area will be all free. When they feel hungry, just grab some junks food, thirsty just take a bottle of drinks. This directly avoid the victims from rushing into the shops in a lump and snatching things for self-stock accumulating. Don't you think they are so systematic?? I'm not boosting around. You can check this out through the internet and notes are sharing around in fb.

Can u imagine if this happened in our country or other countries? Our train and ktm everyday delayed and delayed for hours because we had greater tsunami? LOL. What would we do if the cellphone connection are all break down? Do we manage to stay at there quietly and patiently? Do guys willing to help the womens? Could we queue up in a damn long line waiting for the thurn to use the public phone to contact home? Oh paiseh la this wont happen since over 80% of the public phone are rosak one. Keep away from the ordinaries. Our Governemnt, will they declare such a smart decision for subsiding all the necessary requirement to avoid situation to become even worst? Even they might do that but they have to go to all the cumbersome stages to pass the decision and everything are alr too too late. Oh crapp I really can't imagine if the disaster happened on this country lol. P/S These are just my own point of view and it's subjective one so please dont take any legal action on me.

I'm not going to post up the pictures or clips of the disaster as if u are really concern about that, just search it online. Together Pray for them. =)

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