Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ups and Downs

First of all, I Wanna say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! NONONONOO! It just released on 16th September and What the FORK is the movie 3DNA by Mayday stop playing sooo damn fast!! Are u hurrying to go to match with SPOON??? Well I know it's so cold but I really just can't constrain my emotion with the unknown reason that made me so upset =( =(

I noticed the movie before it released and I planned to watch it with friends and when my melaka's fren invited me to have a movie together I delightedly suggested this movie as most of my friends had a + comments after watching the show. Angel, when she recommencing the movie had suggested me to relax myself  and even can sing along with Mayday in the cinema auditorium. But what's going on is, the fren of mine checked it and told me " this Wed is the last day showing wor..." I was like "?????!!!! What?!" Ok fine I accept the fact after somewhile, and decided to watch alone in the TGV SUNWAY PYRAMID before Wed since I dont have friends who think the movie is nice. Sadly I surfed the TGV official website and found out It had S.T.O.P P.L.A.Y.I.N.G. when I was still wondering how suppose shall I watch with specs and 3D specs since I dont hv any contact lenses now.  +_)(*&^%$#@!~ Ok No more VIRTUAL CONCERT to enjoy. SIENZ.

Few posts ago I did mention that I want to watch Johnny English right? Well I watched it with Angel and actually should together with Shu hui but she FFK....... but not really ffk without reason. Her tooth socket loosed out and she gonna fix it on the next day although eventually she wasn't LOL. Both of us went to malacca quite early on Sat to shopping around in the Jusco. We watched the show after our lunch which was 2pm. Credit to the Rowan Atkinson, bunches small kids flown into the movie.  The show started playing with a series of typical Mr. Bean's comical acting which had amused all the kids but not me >.< Frankly I had never been encountered such merry atmosphere in the cinema before. Then I didnt know why were we so unlucky on the day cos we met an INCIDENT 20mins later. The big screen without any warning, became DARKER AND DARKER. I initially thought the film was shoot to be like at the scene. However within few seconds THE SCREEN EVENTUALLY BECAME ALL BLACK AND NO SOUND. Another way to say is it stopped playing.  Miraculously the light at the side of the auditorium automatically ignited when the projector broke down LOL. "Woooooooooooooo......." by the audience right followed after that. Naturally everyone turned their head around and looked up to the projector room at the back. No one in there. While waiting the problem to be dealt with, I started to complain this and that. " I hope we will get refunded with POPCORN and SOFT DRINKS because of this." "I hope it won't be started all over again from the beginning." " If later it happened the same incident again I'll just go off." "Why are we soo unlucky??" " Why there isn't any people in charge to explain to us what is happening??...." and blah blah blah... Only 5 mins later a guy came in and said " SRY ARH, TECHNICAL PROBLEM." Then we still waited for another 3 to 4 mins to get the problem solved.

Finally the screen started playing again. But yet, IT STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN NOT ONLY FROM THE BEGINNING, BUT FROM THE ADVERTISEMENT AND TRAILER!! I was like AHHHH~~~ WTH PLS TELL ME IT'S NOT REAL AND I'M ACTUALLY DREAMING~~~~ T_____T  I had to watch it all over again cos just now both of us were so punctual to go into the cinema be4 it started playing the advertisements. Finally struggled after all the ads, the film started playing again. At the exactly same scene same point and with the same acting, the innocent kids hahaha laughed again. Sweat =.="""""
After the movie, I found that had mistakenly put a high expectation since it doesn't up to it. Not really humorous since almost every were actually useless and nonsence one. To conclude, it's a typical MR. Bean movie but the only difference is, he talks much more in this film.

Now I wanna share my 19th's Birthday on last Tuesday. I have a same birthday with another classmates girl Shin Yee so we  celebrated with my A-level mates in a Western Restaurant called Chilis in Empire Gallery Subang. 

 Shin Yee. Same birthday girl =)

Sue Yinn. The most diligent and intelligent girl in the class, and also shortest. Ahahaha XD

Elaine Yong. A very active and nice caring girl, like a big sister =)

Hafizul and Stephenas. Both of them are very humble although they are very good in study, especially Stephenas I will call him a GENIUS =)

Alvin Lee. Funny guy but very serious in the study. Just recovered from an OKU after falling down from 15fts on June. HAHAHA 

Jia Qi and Karen. They both look much and much alike after been stuck together for more than 1 year. 

Yu Chen and Janice. Smart, helpful and cute friends.

Chai Yun. She isn't my classmate but Wui Teng's cousin sister studying Ausmat. A very sweet girl.  

Boy at the centre is Wui Teng. Impression is, a boy who is very good in Maths.

The reason we had ourselves celebrated there is the food  was YUMMY! Although it's a bit expensive, but the serving were big and I think it's worthy =) Before sharing the photos, let me remind you to beware of your saliva .XD

Appetizer. A bottomless CrispyTostada Chips with house-made Salsa!


Marinated chicken with grilled onions and Jack cheese in tortillas. Served with sour cream and house-made pico de gallo. 

Special marinade Lamb served with smashed potatoes, with balck pepper gravy, seasonal veggies and garlic toast. 

 Green Salads..

Topped with spicy & smoky honey chipotle sause.

Hand-battered fried chicken served with fries, corn and honey mustard dressing. 

  Huge size Oldtimer Burger with mustard, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.

Still not enough??



Even myself don't know had swallowed how many times of saliva when posting and writing the description. I had never been confront with soo many mouth-watering food in sekali gus. The servings were very big and all of us were so full till asking other ppl to finish it. Oh I arrived the description from Chilis's Malaysia official website. =) You can enjoy or perhaps suffer surfing thro' many more other dishes in the website.

After that, 2 waiters came out from behind and carrying 2 cakes, thereby following with sweet birthday song by all of them. The small cake was gave for free by Chilis. The big one was from famous RT bakery shop, US chocolate flavor. OMG THE CAKE WAS REALLY THUMBS UP WEY!

 The cakes were purposely put far away from us to blow. What a massive energy to blow the all the candles off. And I was wondering did they really willing to eat the cake since the saliva might had dropped onto the cake when I blew with full of energy. HAAHAH. Then me and shinyee were forced to sing and dance NOBODY on the chair. My friend had actually recorded the scene but I haven't get it yet and I dont really have gut to watch the clips.

 Both of us giving speech on the chair. 

Then there was a 3-year-old small kids having a same birthday with me! Look she is so cool. I think she hates me for sharing her birthday Lol.

I feel so glad to know you all my friends. It must be one of the most memorable birthday in my life and I really thankful for it. We are graduating and leaving for our own future soon, I hope we can still gather together like this even we had separated. Lastly wish all of you excel in the coming A2 Exam and all other future undertakings!

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