Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today is the 3rd day of orientation and also the end of it. Tomorrow which is Thurs and Fri there are no orientation and also no class! Somemore my Mon class schedule are all Tutorials and no Lectures so as it is just started there is no tutorials to do then Mon is also a break! Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon in a straight!! WOHOO!! Many of my new friends are going back to hometown today but for me, I'll only go back tomorrow. To be honest it will not be the case if I don't have thing to deal with.
It's because I have to find another room to stay from March onwards. Where I'm staying now is my brother's room who he's enjoying his 3 months break until March. So he will be back on March and i have to find somewhere else to stay cos the room can't fit 2 ppl and I also don't wanna stay with him though >.< 
It actually very easy to find a room over here as there are residential areas just at the vicinity of Taylors and there are room to let here and there. But it's not a case for me because I want not only a reasonable price room with including every utilitis and wifi, and the most importantly is I will only stay for half year, or even less than half year as I'll fly over to UK on Sept and Aug is holiday. I have looked for a lot of rooms, but all of the landlords immediately change their face into black when they knew I'll not only rent for 5 months only, but also will only move in on march =( After that of course I kena shoot T___T Then I called and called and called, seek and seek and seek, walk and walk and walk until i gonna give up and cry, finally I found a room! It's Rm650/mth including everything! Although it is even slight far away then my school but I don't care cos the Landlord is soo nice for letting me rent for only 5 months!! Finally everything is on the track now! XDXD

Btw this is my class schedule.

The highlighted are the Lectures which are a must to attend. 
This is sooo suckie as not only Lectures are always at the end, 
but the most importantly
Fri Lectures end on 5.30pm!! WTHHHH
It's a extremely peak hr for the traffic at here and by the time I reach home it may alr 11pm cos I'm not driving for this 2 months but taking bus!! 

This is the room that I'm staying now. 
It's a queenbed although it's a single room.
So nice isn't it?

I'm soo amazed when I come to this.
This is some sort of computer Tv which can connected to Xbox, Playstation or even  Computer.
He bought this for playing his Xbox and Ps3,
put at the front of the bed somemore!
He really knows to enjoy himself in KL here very very well huh??!

This is the study desk which is originally very neat and clean cos he has very little books
but after i came in It becomes so messy cos I have a lot of stuff!


Yeap this is an apartment and these are the views at the outside if the apartment.

It has basketball court and badminton court together.

Playground for kids.

And even has a big swimming pool somemore!! 
I will try to have a swim when I'm free cos I may not have this good opportunity to swim next time when I want to!
Nice place right? 
It's only 600 per month including utilities and Wifi! 
I bet you can't find this rate anymore in this area.
 The landlady has actually increase the rent to 8oo per month but  the signed agreement has forbidden her to do so to my brother. Luckily.

Ok then talk about my orientation. Ok the 1st day wasn't fun at all since the beginning of the day cos the letter writen 8.30am to arrive in the MPH but end up not only switching venue to another place without any notice but also 10am only started. WTH I woke at 7 and I didnt sleep well the day before because of the flu entangling me for all night long. Then the talk was extremely boring till I wanna fell asleep but I couldn't cos I was sitting at the 2nd row! ARGH Somemore the different different talks altogether lasted until 5.30pm! Damn exhausting! 
The 2nd day was the Intro to the different law subjects such as Criminal, Constitutional and Legal skills. Started to make a lot of new friends in my class and also got to know some seniors because of the the game session organized by them. It was fun and my group was Wolf and we lose the game then we have to dance altogether on the lecture hall's stage! Party Rock Anthem and all of us didn't know how to shuffle lar!!! Except the only Nigro girl in my group enjoyed herself shuffling and dancing on the stage =.='' Then ended up we simply dance to muddle through our punishment Lol. 
3rd day was also nothing one but except for the Introduction to Tort and contract. Just feeling disappointed again. Why always there are more pretty girls than handsome guys in a community one??? I did notice one or 2 good looking guys among the seniors group lar but my class got only one ler. And got GF alr somemore..... T__T Then pretty girls are everywhere~~~~ Haiz I wish I'm a guy ==

 These books are purchased from my seniors one
They are soo many books which cost me a total of RM565 which really costing me a big bomb!!
Nvm I'll sell it to my junior again when I no longer using them.
But These ain't fun at all!
Just first year then I have to struggle with all this 13 books??!!
Good luck to myself >.<