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Beauty and the Beast Musical + Fruits Tarts + Movies Spree

Am having 2 weeks Christmas and New Year break so it would be illegitimate to not update my blog post!
Beauty and the Beast was always one of my favourite childhood Disney's series. I watched it several times already and it conferred me different feelings when watching at different age. First time watching, I enjoyed only the animations and the colour the whole movie since I was too young to understand the plot. Second time, I finally comprehended the storyline and daydreamt myself as Belle and have such romantic lovestory. Third time, I began to admire the music, the songs and the singing of the characters.In fact, the routine happens for every other Disney movies such as Lion King, Tarzan, Little Mermaid etc etc.

And this time, I grabbed the chance to catch the tale as old as time by way of ....... musical performance! Yes! Beauty and the Beast Musical in Sunway Lagoon's amphitheater!! Bought the musical tickets from the ticket booth set up in my University with the student price of RM53 instead of RM90. My friends and I were just too crazy over a musical show as we never watched any before hence made a rush decision to buy the tickets right from the booth especially when the promoters told us that they set up the booth ONE AND THE ONLY ONE DAY >.< In fact, after buying the tickets then only came to our noticed that actually Groupon selling cheaper price with RM93 for 2 tickets and also come to our shock to know that that Sunway Uni and Monash Uni student could have special student price as low as RM25. WTH we were all students but received such unfair treatment from different Uni =.=

20 Dec. The duedate of the last assignment of the term. The day before the doomsday. A very good way to kick a start to our midsem break by way of fairy tale's musical. Headed to Sunway Pyramid right after the class at 5.30pm and we had our window shopping and dinner before the musical at 7.30pm.

With Jia Jia and Christie.

My most natural looking when eating Moo Moo Cow Yogurt. Mmmmmm

Arrived in Sunway Lagoon punctually at 7.30pm and there was a shuttle tut-tut car picking all the audiences to the amphitheater as it was quite a distance to there. How thoughtful <3 p="p">
Our exciting look on the ride of the tut tut car.

 Camwhole was strictly forbidden but Christie managed to snap some photos of the show secretly.
We were sitting on the right side middle row of the seats  but the view to the stage was still perfectly fine.

All the vain pictures of ourselves before the musical starts and during the 10mins break in the middle of the performance!

Right from the beginning, the curtain raiser of the symphonies was so melodious and impressive that had blown my soul away, to say nothing of the moment when the vintage rhythm symphonies serenaded with the dulcet singing of the cast members. The sound wave formed surrounding the amphitheater, was a total ears enticing. I still remember how full emotions the beast singing the song Go the Distance, how heartbroken and I was so into the character until tears almost ran down my cheek. Besides the classical songs like Tale As Old As Time, Belle and Be Our Guest, I was amazed when they also twisted in a number of modern pop songs such as LMAO's Party Rock Anthem, Lady Gaga's Born This Way and even Psy's worldwide smash hit Oppa Gangnam Style complete with dance ensemble performed by the character of Gaston, the beast's love rival, if u remember the movie well. His hilariously boorish antics onstage was a big hit making all of us laughed put loud and indeed warmed up the atmosphere in the theater. Do u still remember the talking teapot teacups, clock and candle? Yes they all came to life and warmed the inner child of me. Although after the 5 mins break in the between of the musical, the storyline in part II appeared to be a little dull and boring, but the show ended perfectly with the rhythmic Christmas theme song with all the cast members wearing white and red costumes. Even there was bubbles and fake snow popping out to everywhere of the amphitheater which even brought up the Christmas atmosphere to the max! Just imagine that =D

Pictures found from the web and collaged by myself =D


24 Dec 2012 Drooling Fruit Tart Dessert

Christmas eve was spent fruitfully with my dear Shu Hui making fruit tart. It was relatively easy to make the fruit tart but we used more than 3 hours to finish making due to the limited size of the oven we using which restricted to bake 10 crusts each time and each time needed about 20 mins to bake. So we managed to make about 60 fruit tarts which meant we baked 6 times and 6 times 20 is equal to 2 hours of baking. Well it wasn't a disadvantage for that because when the crusts were baked in batches means that if there is any failure in baking then the failure will be restricted to that particular batch of crust. And that's why u can see the different level of darkness in the crust. Add on the time of the crust making, putting into the tart cups, cutting the fruits and putting on cream etc etc making 3 hours passed quickly. Indeed, making fruit tart together will definitely be carved into my one of the best memories we had and this will definitely not the only one time we doing this =D 
I was over the moon when my mum praised for the good looking and the tastiness of the fruit tarts XD

27 Dec 2012 Movies Spree Day

Angel, Shu Hui, Kristin, Anqi and Me
It was quite a rare opportunity that 5 of us sharing the common school holidays to have gather and hang out together since all of us studying in all distinct institutions.

 Little things that we had together. *Stole with permission from Angel's instagram.

2 shinny girls had to wear sunglasses to avoid over-sparkling to others. LOL

 All pretty young ladies! =D

Yes we watched 2 movies in a day. Maybe a little crazy doing this as if we had nothing else to do but indeed we did not know what to do other than watching. Melaka shopping isn't a good place to shop from my point of view.
Jack Reacher was not bad lar even though it was not up my expectation because I thought the it was an action movie since Tom Cruise is the leading role. I expected to be as good as Mission Impossible 4. Nevertheless, it's still a good detective film if you bring along ordinary level of expectation to watch this =)
Les Miserables.... no other word else can be more appropriate to describe the movie than MUSICAL. 
Again I thought the movie will be like Burlesque which the storyline is about singing. Les Miserables is NOT talking about singing but a story of a pathetic man who was just released from 5 years imprisonment for stealing a loaf of bread by way of singing. All the communications were by singing. What impressed me most was that all the cast members were singing in live, wonder how much effort and time they had contributed to the movie. Must bear with the long duration of the movie cos I felt the movie would not be ended until the next when I was watching lol. I like Anne Hathaway's role so much and I am looking forward for her to be nominated and awarded for the role in the movie =) .

Last but not least, goodbye 2012 and I'm going to Singapore one day trip in less than 4 hours time =D

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