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17 Days of Kaleidoscopic Taiwan's Trip !

"Is Taiwan fun?"
This question start to be entangled me since I came back from Taiwan.
The answer is
"Yes, Taiwan is extraordinary fun!!"

And the following question will be
"What is the heck are you joining to let you traveling to Taiwan?"
Here,I'm telling you all about this.
The company is called 马来西亚青少年台湾观摩团,
short form is 台湾观摩团 .
I don't know all about this company before I was joining this.
I know this by my sister's acquaintance.
That is a sheer coincidence my sister saw the picture of her playing kite in Taiwan,
coincidence she told my sister about this company,
coincidence that my sister let me knew about this,
and so coincidence that my sister get this company's website.

In this travel,
approximately 300 to 350 person from aged 16 to 26 were joining this.
Due to it's great amount of participants,
the traveling cannot go on like the normal tourist group,
we had to separate to 9 groups and each group was containing about 30 person.
And each group will be leaded by 3 tour guider .
This tour guider will also become our 辅导员.
Strictly speaking,
this is like an camping,
just the difference is it was a moving camping,
a camping which is going all around Taiwan.

Could you imagine how is the place would be if 300 person are going down in once?
how chaotic if 300 people eat dinner without planning?
And how if 300 people are gathering in hotel lobby with their heavy luggage?
it needs a certain discipline to control the scene.

For me,
I'm in the 8th bus.
I feel so great to be 8th bus member.
For my tour guider always teaches us 台语,
teaches us all about 台客 attitudes, the way of speaking and even 台客 dance,
we become a famous 台客的八车!
I'm 台客!
I don't know this is a fortunate or an unfortunate for me!

Eating burger king in KLIA before leaving~~I don't know what is the building behind,
just feel the building is quite unique~~''

We were gathered in Ancasa Hotel before the day of leaving.

This is the first meal I ate in Taiwan.
See~~Full of flavoring~~
But very nice !!!

First time I took LRT in Taiwan when run-free~~

I recommend you all,
if wanna take LRT for many times in 1 day,
you can buy a card call 一日卡,
it saves much money...
It is about 200 New Taiwan Dollar,
and you can get back NT$50 after you have finished using the card,
so actually it is just NT$150 for unlimited taking LRT for one day!!
Pretty cheap!!
I heard about some Taiwan people said that they even don't know how to take bus cos LRT in Taiwan is much cheaper and convenient than bus.=.=''
However, there were deadly crowd in the peak hours like office hours.
You cannot even turn when you are standing!
And I feel Taipei's young guys and gals are quite fearless,
cos i saw pairs of couples hugging and kissing in the LRT.
Like OMG....
I wanna to snap it down but I could'nt coz it was too crowd inside!!!

the soldier were in 步操.
Actually the show was very serious and there was a lot of tourist watching the show around me,
but i still manage to snap this photo,
which means I'm quite muka tembok.

Outside 中正纪念堂

I'm under 柳树,
seems like in China.
I like this pic~~~

I took this photo for my mum as she likes colorful flower very much~~~

The main gate of Taiwan National University 台湾大学~~

We were so lucky that we can eat many yummy food in 台大 !
This is because we were brought by one of my friend's daddy when free time,
he is a graduate in 台大,
he is very familiar with professor and workers inside,
so all of this food were served by 台大的校长 by free!
I were holding 炸鸡排 and yogurt which is very famous among the university student,
this food were shown in Taiwan's food TV show be4!!
Really super delicious!
I'm now miss it sooooo much~~~

We were under the bell of Taiwan University~
It is a main symbol of 台大~~

Girls were taking photo with pine trees in TU~~
also one of the symbol of TU~~

It is sure need to take a photo with Taiwan 101~~
But we did not have enough time to go in,
so this make me quite regret~~~=(


You guys definitely will get hungry when smell the food odour here~~


The place is soooooooooooooooooo crowd!
And It's sooo big until I can't shop finish to the end~~
But the things there are 应有尽有!
The price is quite reasonable too!
So i have bought a lot of things here~

This is my wish card~~~
Can see what i wrote??

I was writing my wish on a 孔明灯~~~

The lantern flew up sky with our wishes~~

We were making 汤圆 during Tong Zhi festival in Taiwan~~
汤圆 were full of enthusiasm~~~

Jumping on the grassland!!
All were like sakai!
Can see which one is me??

This picture is look like a poster~~~

we lean on the left and lean on the right~~

Forgot what is the name of the lighthouse~~

I like the beautiful blue sea scenery behind~~~


The water is so blue!!
It is 100% natural!
We said that it was added methylene blue and it got a lot of oxyen coz it did not decolourise....

I was like the ambassador of Sony Cyber Shot in this pic...

See the notice board behind?
That's why we need to wear helmet....^^
I were met with 4 japanese guys here!
和没有要到他的email address!!




Shouting to the strong wind~~
feeling stomach full after shouting!!
Look at me, I'm so funny!

Taiwan's sunset...Big musical instrument...
Searched from the Internet,
it is called Chimes~~

Big turtle~~

We can still be so happy when eaten by big shark~~

fighting with the deer's horn!

Pinky PIG!!
Looks like Christine Chew!

Hand-making paper

Drying our works of art~~

My finishing touches~~~
I still managed to made it with my impatient and my empty art-minded~~

But I don't have bf,
so took picture alone lo....

very cute huh?
But I did'nt buy cos it cost NT$300~~~

With the sheeps behind~~

I'm feeding the sheeps...
Actually the sheeps there are dirty,
like do not bath for long time edy...
And there is sheeps' shit on almost all over grass..

Big horses...
I was caressing it's head and I was so scared it will suddenly shake his head vigorously!

small horses~~
It seemed to be suffer=.=''

Eat ice-cream in winter~~

Indoor playground!
It's called Wave and it is not fearful at all....

The roller coaster with legs hanging in the air!
Quite fearful and I feel dizzy after playing this,
and I vomit in the toilet !!
so weak la me~~~

The hall inside...
very very big....

Tells us about the history of 慈济~


See the flying passage...
very very high~~~
Some of my friens were not dare to cross it coz they have acrophobia (惧高症)~

We used up a long time to hike this stairs till we breathless just to watch.............................

This tree behind me is 神木!

Besides of all this,
I also experienced an earthquake on 12th of November!!
Grade 6.8!
Serious lo!!
When the incident happened,
we were playing games in a hall,
then suddenly the hall shake and shake damn vigorously,
my 1st thinking is
"who are the heck upstairs running so fast till whole building is shaking??!!"
Then everyone run!!!
Running here and there!!
Then got one senior shouted
Then everyone run to the wall.
when leaning on the floor,
I could see the floor is moving like water wave.
so terrible....
some of the girls had cried out that time.
Then the people near the door quickly open the door and everyone was running to the door.
The situation were totally chaotic.
Luckily,the earthquake stopped when I almost reached the door.
because of 余震 may happen,
we all have to stay on a open space outside the building.
Most of the girls cried cos of the sudden incident.
Others people and senior were comforting the girls.
It was about 10.30 night.
The wind blew strongly,
I was trembling and I did not whether it is because of the extremely cold weather or the shocking incident.
I managed to not to cry but tears welled up my eyes when I remind about the incident just a few minutes ago...
Luckily the earthquake was just continue for 2 to 3 minutes...
It will be very serious if it continued happen!
And fortunately no one is hurt!!
After this experience,
I deeply feel that human life is so fragile,
and the natural's power is so strong,
we should cherish with our life everyday and be feel fortunate as we stay in Malaysia with less natural disaster.

All of this is got from the university and 青少年台湾观摩团~~

My activity card~~
we must wear it during all the days....

Taiwan's popular toy,
exchange with the points got when buying stuff in 7-11.
It will dance with music when press on the button.

Taiwan postcard.
Given by my 辅导员.

He wrote I'm quiet o...

The most popular mask in Taiwan.
It cost double when we buy here.
So almost every girls will bought it back.
I got a friends bought 20 packs....
Like omg....

U guys can surf the net on
to apply for this trip every year.
It has notice to start receiving applied form on May or June every year.
Aged is between 16 to 26.
So i'm sure you guys or gals can apply for this!

Friends with our 8th car funny 辅导员

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