Thursday, June 2, 2011

1st June 2011

Hey guys it's First of June! Time flies! This few days I'm so obedient to stay in the hostel all the days to do Accounting Exercises. I dont feel like going out at all as I want to SAVE $$, except yesterday afternoon went to sing k with my housemates as they have waited for me for so long. Yeap, saving money for the coming trip to Penang with my besties on middle of this month. Can't wait for that.

Finally I went to Taekwondo Training after abandoned it for 3 months. Everyone was like" Eh??","Looong time no see u edy". Why suddenly I made up my mind to go? Well cos I feel suffocated in my small room. Everyday do nothing but online, study, sleep, eat and bath. Tedious life. So delighted to meet with the Taekwondo peeps and the feeling of extremely exhausted after a continuously aggressive training is back again, but I enjoyed it. Since I'm already very noob in taekwondo, the isolation for such a long period made me even more rusty with all the kicking. Despite all this, I'm so grateful that I joined this club as it doesn't only make my life healthier, but also more colourful, with the moment when all of us gossip in the training. HAHA

Come to food again. Must talk about this as it's too important for me. The food around Sunway are oily and exhorbitant, so I always cook by myself or reheat the dishes took from home. I know I'm blessed =D Spaghetti, is the dishes that I cooked most frequently since I come study and I slowly becoming pro in cooking this.
Yes I know it looks ordinary, but hey don't just look at it appearance. Every of my housemates thumbs up after tasted my spaghetti ! Actually I have my secret recipe in it, the secret recipe is........
........................................................................don't want to tell u. Come ask me if you are really interested to know =D

Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner and the food we can't forget the most is
Hiak hiak hiak, this rice dumplings are ma de by my AH MA. Actually she doesn't wanna to make any rice dumpling this year, but last week when I got home and asked for it, she hurrily and purposely made it for her little granddaughter! I'm sooo touched! Actually, I dont like to eat ba zhang since I was small till last year, I first came to study in KL alone, mummy afraid I can't find food and urged me to bring some ba zhangs up to here. Seriously, when you are surviving in a new place without any close relatives, home food is the one will become treasure. Since then, I only realized that Ba zhang is soo nice! I brought 4 up and it is my everyday lunch =)

Next one is Tang yuan. Waseh even tang yuan also got.
This Tang yuan was actually made by my roommie. See the ball is soo big! Even with stuffing inside the ball!! It is actually peanut stuffing. Well the glutinous rice balls are actually ready made one from Jusco LOL. But then, the Tang yuan Soup that made by my roommie taste soo nice! I like heavy Ginger taste and the ginger she brought from her hometown taste quite different as it smells much much fragrant! She also put in red sugar and altogether the soup is soo nice that had beaten the Tang yuan made by my mum.

I'm so amazed when I saw the flowers blossom right in front of the window of my room! Dont you think the flowers looks like Chery Blossoms??
It's just a nonsense post in the break time of study and
it's Time to say goodbye~~

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