Sunday, May 29, 2011


Phew, It's sooo glad to back to my lovely hometown, Tampin.
Seriously, staying and studying in a city of hustle bustle is always not an excellent decision in a long term. Although we can get to expose to kaleidoscorpic world, never worry about what to eat later, will never get bored, but then all of this need money. The more prosperous the city is, the more realistic the world. No one can survive in this bigcity if they lack of financial management.

Finally I get to have big big breath, the air is in Tampin is sooo fresh that I will never ever hv it in the place I study. You won't afraid to inhale as much oxygen as you can after doing exercises. Will never get frus with the annoying sound from building construction in the meanwhile u are studying. Homecook is always the dishes you will miss the most after you have patronized all the thumbs up restaurant. Lie on the bed that always belong to u is always the most comfortable than any places you have been visited. Staying together with family is the most precious moment in the world. After stepping to whole world, the place where you grew up will always be the place that you enjoy the most.

I brought books home to do revision but "The Lazy song" by Bruno Mars is repeating from Media player. So I decided to indulge myself for every moment at home =)

Actually I wanna share a video clips here but I think i have to postpone to the next time cos I FAILED TO UPLOAD IT SINCE THIS MORNING!!! I have tried and tried for more than 10 times and now i gotta back to kl edy still failed!! Might post it in youtube.


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