Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is so called LIFE

For very rarely circumstances, I don't go back home this weekend! My bro has to rush for his assignments, same to me as well T.T And another reason is my parents aren't at home, they go to Honeymoon, AGAIN, in Myanmar. Aww how sweet they are <3

Last time, before eating, if you are a Christian, you will close your eyes put your hand together in front of your nose, and pray silently to thank god. When you're with your family, you would say "Daddy Mummy eat!" When you're with your friends, you might say "I eat first ya!" However, nowadays, people will snap a pictures of the food. It seems to be a social phenomenon that is irresistable. 
The Mee goreng mamak, even though it's nice, but it's exorbitant. RM7 is the most expensive mee goreng that I had ever >.< The so called Yankee Burger, is super tasty. RM5.80 seems to be reasonable for it's standard, size and it's located in Taylor. The Chicken meat is homemade, that's why it's so thick, so fresh and can't find it elsewhere!! The 3 little thingy are desserts, approached by Culinary Arts students to buy them for fund raising when my friend and I finished our lunch. Cost 2 bucks all together. The mash potatoes which they made one in original(yellow), one in spicy(orange clour and shit shape lol) look captivating, yet SOOO NOT NICE AT ALL for honestly, no idea why themselves dared to sell it, both my friend and I did not want to hv the 2nd bite and we left it. >.< Fortunately the little tarts and tuna biscuits are still acceptable. The cute little flowery soft candy was one that my friend treated me in the class to stay awake during the lecture >.< Lastly the Pitta Bread from The Bread Story, nice to look at, but not really nice to eat. The bread has no any elasticity and everything is tasteless for me. Yet this cost RM4.50 T.T

As a Uni student, we granted  One Malaysia books voucher for RM200. I keep procrastinating of using the vouchers cos I have less idea what books should I buy for. I was initially to buy my Constitutional textbook costing RM125 but it keep out of stocks in the bookstore! It due on 31st March which is next week, so I take a trip to Popular in Sunway Pyramid to use up this vouchers. 

 Golla phone cover, One Day love novel, computer mouse, stationaries and a drawer! RM200 seems a lot but I finished it in blink of an eye after entered into Popular. Well at least I did not spend it on something useless. Actually I wanted to buy an earphone but it has all sold!! Not even one left for me, that was why I chosen to buy a novel. Not that I dont like to read novel book but I barely got time to read books other than my textbooks >.<

Taylor's Law School immediately popped out an overnight celebrity, Dennis Chung, my dearest classmate after he jumped into the lake. There is video of him jumping into the lake shared everywhere among classmates, then to all Law students, then soon to the Taylorians, lecturers and ultimately to the Dean of Taylor Law's School. Among the classmates, coursemates or even schoolmates, many of us feel proud of him being the first and ever person to go against the warning notice, DIVE into the lake and swim. However, this is not the view for the Dean and lecturers. Yesterday, he was called by the Law's School Dean for a meeting then he was charged with offence of DAMAGING TAYLOR'S UNI REPUTATION and he is sort of going for a tribunal hearing!! OMG WHY SO SERIOUS?? Why don't they think it optimistically where it shows that our Law study life is interesting rather than dull and boring life which other ppl normally presumed?? Aiya LOL that's why the video has been set to private by my fren now and I can't share it here =(

 HAHA whatever la, I hope the school can take it easy and withdraw any hearing cos a warning would be enough edy.

Lastly, I gonna blog about something bad. Since I was small, the number of times that I fell down is innumerable. The reasons I fell down were variety- cycling, overlooked the ditches, going down the stairs and even walking. So i experienced countless types of injuries due, from twisted in legs, foot and limb, to scratched in knee, elbow and palm. From trivial to serious.
This time, I fell down when I was jogging on the concrete pavement of a playground near to my KL house. The reason was tripped over an uneven bulgy land. Then I was injured on the knee and palm again.
It happened on Tuesday. I thought it was just a trivial matter since it dis not really hurt, well maybe I experienced more serious one. I still could jog after I rested for a while on a bench. Then I realized it to not to be neglected when the excruciating pain that I felt when I clean the wound with water. Then I waited until the next day to buy yellow lotion and waterproof wound dressing in Guardian when I headed to Popular. No more short pants, skirt or dress to school for the whole week and the following week perhaps as it was not nice at all. Few of my friends realized that I uncommonly wearing long jeans everyday and my motion is now slower so they asked me what's happening. 
 The surrounding wound started to dry already except the inner part of the wound still painful as it's injured deeper into the skin. Despite of this injury, I still can go jogging everyday and even can go for taekwondo training on Wed. So it was not really painful actually XD Cheer =)

That's all I wanna blog about and take care for the time being!!

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