Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Hey guys , I'm back!! I finished my exam.............................opps! Just 5/6 of it. There is still another 1 last paper on the next Friday! Stupid one la the exam timetable to be arranged like that. Today is only Thursday and I hv to wait for one week to sit for last one. I want to get off here and fly away but yet can't fly too far and high cos I afraid that I might loss my way to get back to the original point. What?? Can't fly??? cos of too heavy?? Well, just to tell a fact that I will fly to UK in a foreseeable future. When that day arrives, pls don't cry la my dear. =)

Actually I have quite a number of things to share about. First is, food of course.
The main thing that we couldn't be short of when we are in the exam period is all kind of junk food.

It's really damn LOT OF! I don't even know I hv so much varieties if I didnt take all out of it out when tidy up my room. LOL Can u count how many varieties there are? it's so much that even myself also lazy to find out. I swear that I will never buy any junk food especially biscuits until I finish them.

Just on the past Sunday, I had a wonderful dinner with my roommates and housemates at SIMPLE LIFE in Sunway Pyramid. It was an abrupt decision as we never have our dinner together at outside and the reason we came to this decision was, to bring my roommate out as she was like never has her meal at outside for a year edy >.< She everyday takes away from the Mixed rice stall in front of the convenient store of the apartment =.=''''
Simple Life is a vegetarian shop that just opened for less than one week when we patronaged.
The meat is made quite real and taste really not bad. The appearance of the dishes are very nice too.

Above is abalone set and Below set is Curry Set. The way it arranged was nice and it look like the materials when playing masak-masak while small. This indeed called up memories of my childhood. The taste of the curry is quite plain as I expected it to be spicy but I greatly recommend the Abalone set as it taste really delicious XXD.
This is Udon Mee. ALthough it looks simple but trust me, the smell is nice and it taste special. I like the mouthfeel of the Udon.
Obviously, this is Nasi Lemak Lol. And the Chinese name on the menu of this dishes is called 那是你妈 LMAO. I dont really recommend this as it is a bit unworthy. The "Chicken Curry" at the side is actually Pumpkin and the "ikan bilis" taste like groundnuts.

Spaghetti. Taste nice but think twice before order this as it really takes your time. This came the last after all of us almost finished our own dishes. So as my housemate waited for soo long edy and she hurry grab and eat when it arrived so the photo of the food is only the 1/2 portion of it.
The business is so good that the seats and tables were full and there were customers standing at the outside to wait for a table when we leaved

I did not study all the time as it will make me going insane. Finally I get to watch a HK drama 鱼跃在花见 when I rest. It talks about SUSHI OMG!! The sushi in the drama look soooo nice and delicious and I never have my chance to see it nor eat it before =( It made me in love with sushi and felt an urge to rush to pyramid to eat sushiiii. But my housemates always asked me chill as I will be disappointed when I get there as It wont as nice as I expected.

I start watching from last Thursday and within one week, I had watched until episode 12. Sometimes when I wanted to watch I always anxious about "am I over-indulgence myself?" After all I was in the exam I should avoid from all of these dramas. But then all these uneasy will just disappeared like that when the drama start playing. HAHAHA. The drama was shoot in Japan Hokkaido during Autumn and Winter , a place and a season where is very romantic, full of warmth and love.

Another thing that made me soo devoted into this show is him CHILAM~~~~!!!! OMG he is DAMN
LENGZAI, CUTE, COOL AND HOT!!! Besides that, His singing is super nice and attractive!! How could such an unfair person to be existed in this world??!! The character of him in the show is sooooooooooo hilarious la I cant resist with him!!! P/s: His dimples is soo cute =D


OKOK, Let's come back. I'm calling myself and also whoever girls are dreaming when looking his photos. Coming up is a serious topic. It's about the public security in KL. The heartless "Acidman" is becoming more and more wanton. Till now, there is more than 20 girls had been attacked by his insane behaviour. The most important one is, HE IS AROUND SUNWAY NOW. It's like WTF when I heard there was a case happened in Sunway Area who is a friend's friend of mine had been splashed acid on the face. She is now BLIND. I'm sooo sorry to hear that and yet sooooo mad with the cold blooded animal. Last night, Juliana said that her friend saw the animal just right front of the The One Academy. OMGOMG. I don't wanna post the photo of the animal as it will pollute my blog so plsssss click here to have information about it. It happened since March and I don't know whether is the animal so smart enough to hide behind while continue committing crime or the inefficient and failure of Malaysia Police.

Whatever it is, KL girls PLS BE ALERT ALL THE TIME and pls SPREAD THIS NEWS TO YOUR LOVES ONE so that they can be cautious about this. Lastly,

"Those with information on the splasher can call the police at Rakan Cop hotline (03-2115 9999) or SMS POLISKL at 32728. – Malaysia Star"

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